The International Health Programs Romania is developed by “Vasile Goldis” West University of Arad and Colaborare Ltd.


In a global world, any international experience in the medical sector; health experiences, observenship, externship, clinical internship, continuing medical education workshops and other international opportunities for health care sector play an increasing role in the personal and professional development.




The programs have been designed for medical students, doctors, residency doctors, nursing student, nurses, murses, dentistry student, dentists, residency, pharmacy students and pharmacist with the following purposes in view:

  • to provide opportunities to participants to experience medical training and clinical experience in another culture and country and make them more sensitive to the differences that exist in health systems around the globe;
  • to offer participants a knowledge about Romanian and European Union culture and about the educational, medical and professional system in Romania and European Union;
  • to offer the opportunity to strength the existing working relationships and initiative new collaborations between students and professionals from Romania and students and professionals worldwide;
  • to promote cultural understanding and cooperation among medical students, residency, doctors, nurses’ students and nurses,
  • to promote the general interests of cultural, educational and professional exchange.